Frequently Asked Questions

How much more solar energy is reflected by Celsius Glass compared to Standard Glass?

Celsius Glass typically reflects 72% of total solar energy (heat from the sun) – more than three times the amount reflected by standard glass.

How much more heat is retained by Celsius Glass than Standard Glass?

Celsius Glass typically retains 50% more heat than standard glass, keeping you warmer in winter and helping to reduce heating bills with the subsequent energy efficiencies.

How much quieter will my conservatory be with Celsius Glass?

Celsius glass is argon filled and dramatically reduces noise levels when compared to 25mm polycarbonate.

How Blue Is The Tint

Will the glare in my conservatory be reduced much with the Blue tint?

How blue is the tint?

Celsius One and Celsius Elite glass have a subtle blue tint and reduces glare by 44% whilst providing a good level of light for all year round conservatory usage.

Will my furniture still fade with Celsius?

Destructive UV rays are cut by up to 88%, thereby offering furniture and fabrics added protection.

Does Celsius Glass have any guarantees?

The Celsius Range is manufactured to BS EN 1279-2 standard, toughened to BS EN 12150-1 and is backed by a 10-year warranty against seal failure. All our other Glass products also carry a 10 year guarantee.

I have a North facing house - which in the range of performance glass would you suggest?

Generally a North facing house and therefore conservatory, would benefit from extra light and a preferred option could be Celsius Clear - thus allowing maximum light infiltration, but still allowing the huge benefits that Celsius performance gives, such as it’s heat retention properties.

Conversely, a South facing house/conservatory which would receive maximum sun and light, would definitely benefit from Celsius One or Celsius Elite - giving you that extra solar and anti-glare protection.

As always, consumer preference is the deciding factor but with the three Celsius options you can have the complete performance glazing solution.

What does the Easy Clean coating mean to me?

The Easy Clean coating on Celsius Glass reduces maintenance and helps to prevent unsightly marks from appearing on the conservatory roof. It is also guaranteed for 10 years.

Who manufactures Celsius Glass?

Celsius Glass is from Synseal, a specialist manufacturer of quality conservatory products. For more information, please visit and